Things To Keep in Mind While Getting Married Through Notary

Weddings can be a bit of a hassle. There are many responsibilities, like making all the arrangements, checking with the vendors, selecting the flowers, choosing the cake, and a hundred other tasks. 

People who want to minimize these other engagements often choose to get married through a notary. Wedding notaries know the legal principles associated with a marriage. A couple can ask away all their doubts and queries about the legal consequences of marriage, testaments, and other matters to a notary. 

There are few perks of getting married through a notary. The couple can get married anytime they want to. There are no rules or regulations involved, and there is no waiting in line. If the couple wants to get married on a Saturday or a Sunday, they can. 

Civil marriages mostly take place in a courthouse, whereas getting married through a notary, the couple can choose their place of celebration. 

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What To Remember While Getting Married Through Notary 

There are few points that the couple has to remember before they get married through a notary. 

1. Find the Right Notary 

When you and your partner are looking for a notary, you may find many people who will appear as official notaries. But many times, couples can get scammed by fraudsters. When you appoint a notary, you should ask that individual to show their complete credentials before selecting them for your wedding ceremony. Their identification should display that they are allowed to be a notary to officiate a wedding. 

2. Know the State’s Requirements 

The states can have different rules for legalizing marriages. Some states do not need any officiants, and some do. There is no need for witnesses in some districts, whereas some regions require at least two witnesses above 18. 

If you want to get married through a notary public, then you might want to move your venue to a province that allows notaries to officiate wedding ceremonies. 

3. Keep All The Documents Ready 

The Notary Public will have to take a look at different paperwork and documents before officiating your wedding. You and your partner will need to bring your identification cards, witness signatures, other life documents, and wedding licence. The notary checks all these documents, and if they find some errors, they may not officiate the wedding. 

Therefore, you must keep these documents ready and have the signatures wherever they are needed. 

4. Wedding Licence 

You and your partner need to get your wedding licence before the notary public officiates your wedding. Once the licence is signed, the certificate is prepared. The certificate can be issued few days after the wedding ceremony takes place. 

5. Venue 

As mentioned above, the rules can vary between states. Therefore when you choose a notary, check their authorization to officiate your wedding. If their district has not permitted them to officiate the wedding, then opt for a different notary in another town. 

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