Things to Check Before Hiring Timber Flooring Joiners in Canberra

Hiring a reliable timber joiner expert for your flooring needs can make things look much more convenient. With a multitude of companies offering joinery services, it may not be difficult to locate one in Canberra, but then are all contractors equally dependable or skilled to cater to your flooring needs?

While a volley of questions may criss-cross your mind in the process of shortlisting a joiner, you can make the best of the resources around you by asking a few questions. Reliable contractors such as should be able to help with their expertise in the craft of setting up quality flooring for your home. Here are a few tips that can enable you to find the best joiners.

Seek references

Instead of taking a hurried decision, it would be best to start by asking a few friends or family members around. If they have already got similar work done at their homes, they will be able to suggest or at least share feedback. Here are a few points you can focus on:

  • Was the contractor knowledgeable enough?
  • Did they complete the assigned job on time?
  • Were the rates reasonable and did it justify the work?
  • Did they provide miscellaneous services such as removing the furniture or cleaning up the site, etc.?
  • Was the work up to the mark?

A joiner company with sound experience and a good reputation automatically clicks with most clients. You can also go to different joiner sites to check for their experience to find out if they have the expertise you are looking for. 

It is a good idea to visit the site as you can also read customer testimonials to understand what kind of work the company has been involved in and how well it has been received by the clients.

Flooring installation is a one-time investment and planning can prevent unnecessary expenses. Hence, asking a few questions to be doubly sure will neither harm you nor the joiners, especially if they are honest and forthcoming contractors. 

Ask them if they have relevant documents to prove their experience and expertise. You must check their license, insurance, felicitations, awards, and other documents that qualify as credentials.

Check the quality 

Your hardwood flooring needs expert hands that are skilled for it. Appointing an agency that does not have qualified workmen for the job can be a disaster. While you look up their website make sure to check their past work done. In the process, take a close look at the materials they use. Every joiner company has different expertise and may use a variety of materials.

Checking the quality of the materials used is a must as it will determine the durability and longevity of the flooring. From the kind of wood to the adhesives they use, every little detail is crucial. Moreover, find out more about the adhesives they use, the standards they follow in preparing subfloors. Sanding can make a sea of difference to the overall quality of flooring work done. Also, how well the finish the job is significant.

A contractor that discusses the blueprint of their plan with you has a clear vision of the objectives. Any wooden project is not solely dependent on the expertise with which it is executed. The aesthetics with which it is designed are equally crucial. An agency with certified timber joiner professionals is likely to do a decent job as compared to untrained or unqualified workmen.

Ask for quotations 

Getting a new floor is exciting but you may have a budget that also needs to be looked at. It would be sensible to ask your joiners for a detailed quotation in writing. This will enable you to compare the rate of material and labor with the current market rates. Asking two or three shortlisted joiner companies for quotations can give you a better picture of the rates and materials.

Having a written quotation from the joiner can double up as proof to support the discussion between both parties. If you happen to finalize a floor joiner, ensure to get a written contract that mentions details such as refinishing the existing timber floor, any repair work involved along with the materials, and cost. Also, ensure that the material handling cost is pronounced in the contract.  

The wooden flooring type chosen for installation would vary depending on your preference, needs, and your location. There are myriad ways in which timber flooring installations can be done. What you choose should be discussed in detail with the joiner agency. 

From simple standard and diagonal floor designs to basket weave, parquet, and other customized styles, a good service provider will be open to discussing any design decided by you.

Don’t forget to check for the mention of the date of work completed on the contract. Having a deadline for every phase can make the process smoother and easy for evaluation. If there are repairs or changes to be done, it can be taken care of at an early stage so that you have a ready leveled floor by the end of the project. Check out this site to find information on how to check if the floor is well-leveled.

Which wood is to be used

Your home’s flooring is an integral part of deciding on the room’s interior décor. Be it the color of the walls or your furnishings, deciding on a theme right from the beginning can help inefficient planning. 

A knowledgeable joiner contractor should be able to make appropriate suggestions. You can choose from a range of timber, reclaimed boards, or solid hardwood based on your preference.

Some kinds of flooring may not require much subfloor work while there are others that cannot be raised with this foundation. Depending on your chosen species of timber, the joiner should be able to recommend one that suits both indoor and outdoor environments.

Your contractor should be able to gauge the suitability and sustainability of a certain kind of wood to the prevailing environmental conditions. They should also be well informed to tell you how they will acclimatize the wood to your home’s environment and also share maintenance tips.  

Professional joiners should be able to bring the wood sample to the worksite and test it before the actual installation.

Discuss the plan of subflooring with the carpenter, especially if it needs to be taken up as a part of the project. The material to be used for the subfloor plays a vital role and your joiner must not only tell you what they would be used for building it but also check the underlying factors. Some of these include the flatness of the floor, its smoothness, moisture content, etc.

Safety is priority 

Does your joiner consider safety measures when installing the new floor? The process of installation as well as the materials to be used should be guaranteed as non-hazardous. The phase of sawing, sanding, and other finishing activities can cause a lot of mess in the house and needs to be regularly cleaned to avoid indoor pollution. 

Even the solvents and adhesives can be highly toxic. Make sure that all these substances are cleaned from surfaces.

Also, check if your joiner offers a warranty against the work and materials used. This will ensure that any damage to the flooring within the warranty period would be taken care of by the joiner company. Hope checking these parameters will help you find the best joinery services in Canberra. 

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