The Weight Recorder ~ A Scale That Draws Your Weight

How incredibly awesome, Weiche Wu has created a weighing scale that records your weight visually. So rather than display the number that you usually don’t want to see staring back at you from the scale, your weight is displayed in a series of concentric circles similarly to a tree trunk. The idea is that after time you can see fluctuations and changes in your weight over time at a glance. Beautiful.


Imaging how your weight has changed over 10 years, it might response how your life has changed. The human body records something which might be reflected on the weight changes. The idea of the project is collecting a person’s weight change to look back on the passing life.


The scale makes a mark without any statistical number every time when you using it. After a while, then you can read the data that the scale has made, then you can see how it changes in a graphic way.


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