The Secret of LinkedIn: How to Find Your Perfect Job after College?

Lots of students start to think about employment early before graduation. It is only fair, as the job market might be pretty rough, especially if one doesn’t have much experience. The good thing is it is never too early or too late to start.

Many smart students are good at prioritizing what is essential in life. Many choose careers even at the stage of actually attending college. Some issues arise on this path, yet, it is crucial to delegate tasks properly.

To balance the work-life and student activities, no matter how hard they can be, one can easily solve the issue of pressing deadlines and demanding projects. More and more students are searching for the well-qualified assistance with their current tasks, so the majority of those who do not have time for, hire essay writes on this site or ask for any other kind of help like tutors or else. As you can see, not everything is so simple with an actual search for a job, however, the problem solvation still exists.

Here is also the tip. One might begin with learning about different possibilities, and one of them is using LinkedIn. It is a professional social network that has more than 560 million users all over the world. Let’s jump into details of what one needs to know to create a professional account and get a dream job!

The Benefits of LinkedIn in Career Choices

First of all, it has a lot of users. Secondly, there is a vast amount of businesses and companies that post their job offers here. It is also a perfect place to connect with other professionals and communicate on work-related topics.

The enormous amount of employers and HR recruiters choose to use it. Even companies like Google or Microsoft post their job propositions here. It also often allows applying for a job only with the use of the account.

The other benefit of LinkedIn is that sometimes a job finds you. A well-planned and relevant profile will attract an HR specialist looking for employees. It works both ways – whether one is actively searching for opportunities or not.

How to Keep Your Profile Relevant 

Of course, an account is not a resume, but it should also be representative of one’s skills and experiences. There are several ways to make your profile more professional. Here are the essential steps:

Profile Basics

Let’s start with the first thing to notice – photograph. It shouldn’t be the same one you might use on Facebook or Instagram. Take a professional-looking headshot, with appropriate pose and clothes. It shouldn’t be too old, not more than five years. The resolution should be not less than 200×200 pixels.

When someone searches, all they see is a profile picture, name, and headline. Use it to state the position you are looking for. It should be quite clear and straightforward. For example, “Air Force Engineering Student, Graduating 2020” or “Medical Care Professional Looking for Nursing Job,” etc.

Add All Crucial Information

Start with the college you are studying. Also, underline all extracurricular activities and educational programs you’ve done. Remember to mention any internship as additional work experience. All the information should be relevant and up to date. Put the most recent experience on top of the page.

Skills Are Important!

Nowadays, one can add up to 50 skills to their profile. The great thing is that people who know you can endorse them. It is a great mechanism to get confirmation of one’s professionalism. Another important tip is to be comprehensive with skills.

Students often do not know where to start, but it is easy. If you are studying in college, you probably have excellent research and analysis skills. If you know any other language, add it too!

Connect with People

People often find jobs through connections. It is simple as if you know a professional, you’d start your employee search from them. LinkedIn allows adding all acquaintances from one’s Gmail, etc.

It is great to connect with people you’ve worked or studied with in college. They can endorse your skills and write a recommendation. They can also lead you to new acquaintances and job opportunities.

It is also advantageous to join particular groups that are related to the work you are looking for. In these groups, one can meet a lot of specialists and share ideas. 

Students can also connect with their alma mater alumni. It is beneficial to share interests and maybe look for employment opportunities. Become a part of your college alumni community. 

Follow the Companies of Interest

They often publish job opportunities, whether it is a full-time position or internship. It is also a nice way to learn more about what they are looking for in employees and what skills are necessary to apply. 

Final Words

LinkedIn can be a fascinating tool for employment. It provides advanced search and a wide variety of options to connect with other professionals. It is important to be active and keep a profile up to date. State that you are looking for opportunities and learn more about employers you are interested in. Just be authentic, update an account, and interact with others. 

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