The Original Uni-Fold Wallet by Noah Lambert

I won’t lie. Rob and I have an unhealthy obsession with minimal wallets. Noah Lambert has managed to check all of our prerequisites. These wallets are slick, durable, minimal & sexy. You can grab any of the 4 flavours for a cool $90.


Ask any welder, woodworker, or tailor where their products are most 
likely to fail. They’ll point to the weld, the joint, or the seam — anywhere two pieces of material are fastened together. That’s why the simplest products are often the most durable.


To ensure your Uni-Fold wallet lasts a lifetime, I create each from a single piece of leather using only two seams.


Wallets are saddle stitched by hand using Barbour’s Red Hand 5 cord linen thread to create a seam twice as durable as the common lockstitch.


100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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