The Most Interesting Gadgets in 2019

The year of 2019 is bustling with a lot of activity in the gadget market. Even better is that most retailers now allow for optional pay later services, this means you can get the newest tech right away. This has been a common trend but has really blown up over the last year. Even more retailers are accepting Afterpay for electronics which is great news for consumers! These are the coolest gadgets we found that came out this year:

  1. LG signature OLED TV R9: This rollable TV is breaking headlines all over the world. It’s incredibly fancy design is drawing many peoples interest. When the screen is rolled out it’s a whopping 65-inch display. When you aren’t using it you can simply roll it back into a compact box and it looks just like a table. Many have said the viewing experience on this TV is truly incredible and it combines with Google assistant or Alexa. Of course, it also supports 4K HDR picture quality for the ultimate viewing experience.
  2. Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses: How thrilling it would be if you can see the real world overlayed with virtual content. This glass is a cool product launched by a Chinese startup. When you see the glass you may not find anything special as it looks like normal glasses that we use daily. This is something that is likely going to become much more popular with augmented reality becoming a popular trend. Tech like this still has a way to go for development but this is an excellent start and these glasses are great fun to use. Truly integrating tech with real life is the next step and something that’s incredibly exciting!
  3. Mophie Juice pack access: This portable charge case is changing the way people use their phones. Rather than constantly having to worry about your phone’s battery you can feel safe in knowing you’ll always have your case charging. The case itself gets power from a wireless charging pad and it has a whopping 31 hours of battery life. This is something that will start becoming more common with phones and it’s an exciting trend indeed!
  4. Lenovo smart clock: Smart clocks are becoming more popular in recent years, this elegant and simple design is something to behold. It also has a wide range of functions, upon request, it will speak out the time so you can hear it from another room. It also has the capability of charging your phone and people have praised it for it’s wake up alarm which gets your day going in a good mood. The possibilities with the Lenovo smart clock are almost endless, with its ability to connect to your Google assistant it can perform a wide range of tasks and functions.
  5. Kitchen Aid cook processor connect: Kitchenaid is famous all over the US for its smart kitchen appliances. This gadget is the most recent in our list and it can automatically stir and chop vegetables into the size you need. You can make it knead dough smoothly and steam the food. While preparing a new recipe if you have doubt regarding measurements, this processor comes to your aid. Using this is a incredible experience and really makes cooking an enjoyable experience.
  6. ProConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Roller Suitcase: This incredibly smart suitcase would really change your travel life! Inside it’s beautiful fabric it hosts a number of excellent features. Inside includes a huge battery pack to make sure you can stay on the go, a USB-C connector and Bluetooth tracker. This is a must-have for regular travelers and no matter where you are going you know you can always charge using the USB-C.

Robert is an avid tech blogger and has come up with this piece on the best gadgets in 2019. We recommend doing your own research but it’s certainly the case that 2019 is an exciting year to be interested in tech with all the new releases.

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