The most effective fly killing methods

Flies are a nuisance inside your home, they seem to get everywhere and breed surprisingly quickly. But, they are more than just an annoyance, they also carry a wide range of diseases which can be detrimental o your health and that of your family. The infestation of other crawling insects like ants and termites can also be a major problem. However, there’s a list of things you can try at home as well if you don’t know how to get rid of ants or termites.

For that reason alone it is important to eliminate flies from your home as quickly as possible. Here are the most effective ways of killing them:

Fly Spray

Fly spray or bug spray is usually extremely effective. Of course, it only kills the flies that are there. This means you can use it when you see flies but you need to be careful about how much you’re breathing in, or your pets and other family members. 

Fly spray is toxic so you should use it with caution.


A great way of stopping flies even when you’re not at home is to use an electronic led fly control. The flies are attracted to the machine and then electrocuted the second they come into contact with it, dying instantly. It’s very effective and easy to clean out occasionally.

The device works by emitting a UV light on a specific wavelength. This is appealing to the flies that are then killed.

The electric grid that kills them is covered with a protective grill, allowing flies in but stopping inquisitive fingers from getting an electric shock. This is one of the quietest and most effective solutions to a fly problem, especially because it works all the time and doesn’t look unsightly on the walls.

Fly Paper/Tape

Tape is actually a very effective way of getting rid of flies. The adhesive emits a smell that is attractive to flies, they land on the flypaper and are stuck. Unable to escape they will die very quickly. This is because they eat and create waste constantly if they are deprived of food by being stuck to the paper they will quickly die of hunger!

These are not the most attractive of traps but they are effective.

Repellant Plugs

These are small containers of liquid that you plug into the wall. The liquid is then warmed which releases it into the atmosphere around your home. The liquid turns into a gas form but it is an insecticide. You need to follow the instructions on the container properly to make sure that it is only the flies that will suffer, not you and your family.

The good thing about this method is it does actually destroy the larvae, which helps to prevent the infestation from growing.

Granule Insecticide

If it’s too dangerous to be spraying fly spray around the room then you can invest in some granules instead. These are placed in the corners of the room and attract the flies. The flies land and feed, absorbing the poison and then die. 

However, you’ll need to proceed with caution if you have pets, the poison can work on them too.

You can, of course, try natural means but they may not be as effective as the above methods.

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