The Laptop and The Web, The Core of Life

Minimalism is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination and if anything the desire to live a more minimal lifestyle is an effort to get back to how things once were, centuries ago when we counted on very little to survive. The modern day is very much a paradox in that we have the best tools by which to live a minimal lifestyle, yet we also pack more things into our lives than ever before. The best way to look at this is to focus on the person who you would like to be, whether that is someone who rejects the material-based lifestyle which so many crave, or someone who seeks to use the modern world to achieve the minimalism you desire. The laptop and the internet connection are the best example fo how the modern world delivers minimalism, and here is how. 

Life Management

Owing to the power of the internet we can manage almost every aspect of our lives from the comfort of our office chairs. This means that online banking, doctors appointments, accounts and even our jobs can all be done from home using the internet. If you told someone 25 years ago that you would be able to achieve all of this from a computer, they would likely have called you crazy.

Delivery Systems

From food to furniture, personal services to clothing, it is possible to order just about anything that you could possibly need in your life from a website or an app. If you were placed in a room, with nothing to your name but a bank account with cash, a laptop and an internet connection then it wouldn’t take long for you to clothe and feed yourself, and perhaps even buy yourself a chair, and you could probably do it all in the same day. The point to make here is that in this world, so much is temporary and we don’t need to fill our lives with permanent things as much as we have done in the past.


Even entertainment doesn’t have to be the way that it once was, with TV screens or board games in cupboards, these days we have digital entertainment which can keep us going for eternity. From music to videos, games to social connectivity, these are all non-touchable ways in which we are able to keep ourselves entertained, and they really do lend themselves to a minimalist lifestyle.  You can play games consoles, online puzzles and you could even play some online slots to keep you entertained, find out here how to get involved.

On the one hand you can take modern life and what it offers and fill up your home with all of the latest mod-cons which you believe you need. The real success of what we have created in the modern world however is the fact that none of these items or products are actually necessary, as the laptop and the internet connection perfectly displays.

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