The Importance of Health Insurance When in Thailand

If you are intending on spending any time in Thailand then one of your primary goals should be to acquire the correct health insurance. Unlike some other countries, if you don’t have adequate health insurance and you become ill for whatever reason, then the costs of health care can be extremely difficult to cover on your own. This article aims to provide you with the features and benefits you should expect to receive when purchasing the correct health insurance for Thailand.

What happens if you don’t have health insurance?

Quite simply, if you don’t have health insurance, then you need to pay for the care that you receive and in some cases this oversight of some people has ended up costing them or others a small fortune. You would be very lucky indeed to find yourself in a position whereby others can step in to help you, if you cannot cover the costs yourself. 

Even if they do, putting the financial part of the equation to one side for a moment, there is a bigger issue of stress and challenging channels of communication. A quick Internet search will present you with many cases of people that have been ‘stranded’ in Thailand because they didn’t purchase health care insurance from a reputable supplier such as https://www.pacificcrosshealth.com/, leaving them unable to cover the costs of their health care. 

Stranded and, in a quickly escalating downward spiral of not being able to pay for their health care yet, being charged, the longer they stay has found many a person caught up in an uncontrollable situation. In some cases, the financial costs in Thai Baht have reached well into the millions, money the average person just doesn’t have at their disposal.

Ensure that you are properly insured.

Do some research into the history of any insurance companies you are considering using and at the very least make sure that they can cover the following;

Accident Insurance – Even if you have health insurance, some policies won’t cover accidents like running or exercise related injuries. A large number of people will want to hire a motorbike or a car, but what happens if they have an accident? It is of utmost importance that your policy covers you for accidents whilst using a motor vehicle, even if you don’t intend to hire a vehicle, you may make an on-the-spot decision to do so.

Travel Insurance – Regardless of the time span in which you intend to stay in Thailand, you will want the best travel insurance offering features like 24hr a day worldwide emergency assistance, Schengen coverage approved and offer hospital cash allowances.

Health Insurance – If you intend to reside in Thailand, then the best providers of insurance will be able to offer you different insurance plans to suit your needs and your budget, although when it comes to your health and the potential situations you could end up in, budget should be your last concern.

Always cover your backside

Whatever your reasons are for being in Thailand, remember the old saying, “Always cover your backside”, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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