The BlackBerry “Urraco” Simple, Elegant & Non-Existent

It’s almost sad that these phones will never see the light of day. Blackberry, when they were still even in the smartphone game, had these prototypes created to stay ahead of the curve. Ironic really when they decided not to produce them and stick to their guns. Looking back I bet they are kicking themselves in regret. Read the full article here.


The internal design team wanted some fresh ideas about how to evolve the BlackBerry Pearl product line, which maintained the physical keyboard that hardcore brand loyalists craved, but slimmed down the overall form factor into a shape that would broaden the brand’s appeal beyond the ranks of government employees and lawyers.


After 12 weeks of work, Tej Chauhan and his team delivered physical mockups of a design called the BlackBerry Urraco–named after a Lamborghini.


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