The best reading apps for reading when you are commuting daily

Though many people prefer playing roulette online in their Smartphone while travelling, people who love reading books or magazines will prefer something else. Making use of your travel time especially for reading some kind of novel, blog or anything else would always be a great experience especially for those reading lovers. Traveling would be an ideal time to read your most favorite books. There are several new apps available in the market when you are looking forward to reading. The e-reading apps provide you with a lot of materials to read and you would definitely never get disappointed. 

Check out the list of e-reading apps:

1.   Marvin: It provides you with a pleasingly clean as well as modern design tools. It has the easy to use annotations and highlighting tools which do come in a wide range of colors and the fonts. This app would even help you to learn more about whatever you are actually reading here. You can actually get a gist of a particular book or if you wish to know about a particular character or would like to know about what has happened just a few years back everything can be obtained here with Marvin. It’s even in association with several other web services such as Google maps, Tweet bot, Wikipedia etc to get ultimate experience of a reading book here. It supports the IOS system.

2.   Rooster: This is an amazing reading app tailored especially for your commute. It actually costs you $4.99 per month. Here you can find very short books on an installment which can take about 15 minutes to read. It has been built into 2 booklet length which might last for around a month. Depending on your time and feasibility you can now schedule the installment accordingly. Rooster’s team ensure to provide you with handpicked works. It supports the IOS system.

3.   Next Issue: If you are a person who loves to read magazines then Next Issue would be the best app which you might need to choose. It is actually a joint venture which has been formed by 6 top publishers which include Hearst, Meredith, Conde Nest, News Corp, Rogers Communications and Time Inc. They provide you with the monthly subscription package which would be convenient for everyone. Yes, you can now avail access to all these magazines at one place. Depending on your requirement you can choose any type of package that you need. You can either opt for the $9.99 per month or $14.99 per month package and can get access to weeklies such as People, Times and more. It supports IOS, Windows, and Android.

4.   Librify: This can be downloaded only on iPad as it supports only that. If you would like to opt for e-reading along with socialization then this digital book would be the one to go with. Out of monthly membership list of 100 top sellers, you can get a handpicked book for about $6.99 per month. On that, you will be provided with book club favorite, emerging authors and a wide range of discounts over their range of catalogs. You can request your friend to read along with you and simultaneously you would be able to check their progress of reading, their highlights, and comments in the app.

5.   Pocket: This can be downloaded and used on IOS, Android, on the desktop and Kindle. This is the most common app and which can be availed for free. This is an amazing app where you can save the articles from any online site available and can read later online or offline as well. If you have come across any great articles and don’t have enough time to read immediately you can just save it to this app, add it to your list and read it later in your leisure. 

6.   Oyster: Similar to Netflix this is a great app which would work amazingly for all the book readers. In order to enjoy reading unlimited books online, all you might need to do is to pay just $9.95 per month and stream as many books as you wish to read. You can find best sellers right from the New York Times to Kid Lit. You can actually check out their list of Oysters selection of 500,000 titles if you want to know whether your favorites have been featured here in this list before you buy the package.

7.   Scribd: This would work over IOS and Android devices. It is just similar to that of Oyster where you would be provided with unlimited book reading based on the monthly rentals. Here you can find the same library size as that of Oyster for $8.99. Based on your interest and the publishers which you would like to go with and accordingly you can choose the appropriate one. The only difference which you can find between Scribd and Oyster is the kind of publishers which they have in their apps.

8.   Entitle: It is an app which would work best for IOS, Android, Kindle, and Desktop as well. Instead of renting this app it would be best to own it. When you pay $9.99 per month you would be provided an opportunity to choose any two books from their range of popular book library which has around 200,000 books. When you download this e-book app you can actually start reading it over any of the devices whether it be your computer system, entitle app, Kobo, Sony reader and much more. When you choose the option to use the entitle app you can explore a wide range of options such as night mode, adjustable text size, the font which can be customized as well as other forms of bookworm friendly features available for your comfort.

9.   Audible: This is another amazing app which can be used on IOS, Android, Kindle and Windows as well as on the desktop. It has been purchased by Amazon in the year 2008. This is an amazing app wherein you can actually listen to a wide range of titles. You can now enjoy purchasing an audio book along with a 30% discount over it when you pay $14.95 for a month. The best part of this app is that you can now exchange any book which you didn’t like or if you feel that the narrator’s voice is irritating.

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