The Benefits of Living in Oregon vs California

Moving to Oregon or any other location is a highly personal decision. If you are in California, then moving to Oregon may seem a natural decision given the huge number of people making the move. Statistics show that 39, 320 people from California move to Oregon every year on an average.

If you are considering relocating to Oregon from California, then consider factors such as geography, neighborhood and your own lifestyle. Oregon is impressive in many aspects but you may want to be sure that it is the right move for you.

Given here are some reasons why moving to Oregon can be a great decision.

Comfortable Pace of Life

If you are moving from California to Oregon, one of the foremost benefits is the slow pace of life that you get to enjoy in Oregon. From moderate traffic (if you can forgive Portland and Eugene) to luscious natural surroundings, Oregon has several elements that you would want to enjoy. People here have a laidback lifestyle.

If you are happy to be surrounded by nature always, then Oregon is the place for you! The state has some amazing natural valleys, mountains, rainforests, and wildlife. The state has over 300 miles of coastline and the best part is that the entire coastline is available for the public to experience.

Each part of Oregon has something attractive to offer. The East invites you with its dunes and sandboarding adventures while the central region welcomes you with its vineyards and ranches.

There are mountain summits to conquer and ocean depths to explore. If you are looking for quieter pursuits, then a quiet horseback ride along a scenic lake is also available.

In Oregon, you will not be forced to move fast, be in an eternal hurry, or rush through life. Oregon allows you to take life at your own pace.

No Sales Tax

A key benefit that ups the scales in living in Oregon vs California is the absence of sales tax in Oregon. As a result, the prices of commodities are usually what they state on the label, not more.

The lack of sales tax reduces the cost of living considerably for people in Oregon in comparison with other states.

The state taxes the personal income of individuals to generate revenues. Other taxes used to channel income to the state include vehicle taxes. If an Oregon resident uses a vehicle from outside the state within Oregon, then the individual must pay tax for such use.

A Fine Climate

Climate is a deciding factor for many people moving from California to Oregon. The state boasts of a Mediterranean climate that consists of roughly 2 months of sunshine. This is quite tolerable compared to over 6 months of sun in California.

Summer in Oregon sees dry days. Rainy days and winter months are glad days as well. Winter, of course, is famous not only for the weather but also for being the crabbing season.

A Greener State

If you have been wanting to call a place that offers the most impressive green alternatives at affordable prices, your home, then Oregon fits the bill. Oregon is, in fact, one of the leading states in the nation to maintain the lowest levels of carbon footprint.

Other greener facilities in the state include environment-friendly houses, efficient recycling programs, and easier and affordable access to renewable energy.

In Conclusion

If you have been wanting to live a minimalist life, or have been seeking a lifestyle away from the fast pace of California, then Oregon is the place to be.

The people of Oregon have a reputation for being creative and physically active. Apart from this healthy lifestyle, Oregon has great outdoors, all contributing to a location that is great for adults and kids alike.

If you’re considering a move and are looking for a home for sale in Springfield, Oregon, you’ll find that the local real estate market offers a variety of options that align well with the state’s reputation for comfortable living and natural beauty.

Safety of location, quality of life, and the expanse of recreational opportunities, make Oregon a wonderful alternative when comparing living in Oregon vs California.

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