The Automatic Soap Dispenser to Put in Your Home

It’s safe to say we desire a home that we love coming home to. We want a home that represents us well. We want people to walk in and feel comfortable, to feel relaxed. Maintaining a clean home through what you put in it makes a difference in the way people feel coming through the door, even down to the soap dispenser. 

Now more than ever, we have implemented the practice of washing our hands often and washing them well. Since you are going to be washing your hands anyway, you might as well be using the best dispenser. A soap dispenser of high quality is a product worth investing in for your home. 

When it comes to soap dispensers, we are confident that the automatic soap dispenser by Everlasting Comfort can meet your needs. 

What Makes it Stand Out?

Let’s talk about exactly what makes this dispenser stand out, making it the one for you. Although there are many reasons, we’re proud of its motion sensor technology, touch-less contact, adjustable soap pouring levels, ability to hold an abundance, its reliability and LED indicator light. 

3. Motion Sensor Technology

We designed the everlasting comfort automatic soap dispenser with motion sensor technology so that it is remarkably easy to get soap on your hands. All you need to do is place your hand underneath the dispenser and, bam, soap comes right into your hands. 

2. Touc h-less

Virtually the best way to slow the spread of germs is to eliminate touch. It is nearly impossible to avoid the spread of germs when multiple hands are touching a single object, like a soap dispenser. Unfortunately, when a hand is touching the dispenser, that hand is likely at its dirtiest state. This is exactly what we want to avoid, which is why we implemented touch-less contact. 

Now you don’t have to worry about spreading germs to whoever uses it after you. The zero-contact makes it even easier to get soap on your hands. Now there is absolutely no need to pump germ-covered nozzles.

3. Adjustable Soap Pouring Levels

Have you ever started to wash your hands and the automatic dispenser pumped way too much soap for you? Or maybe you got less than a drop. You can leave that worry behind because the adjustable soap pouring levels make it easier to get an accurate amount of soap for each pour. 

This feature can also eliminate an abundance of excess soap which helps reduce waste. 

4. Holds Plenty

Along with the adjustable soap pouring levels, the everlasting comfort automatic soap dispenser can hold 500ml of soap easily. Because of its ability to hold plenty of soap, it is longer-lasting than other dispensers which means less refills for you. 

5. Sturdy and Reliable

Unlike other dispensers, you never have to fear this dispenser tipping over and spilling or even breaking. We designed this dispenser with a sturdy, rubber base that allows it to easily stand upright on your bathroom or kitchen surfaces. 

Often when choosing soap, we settle for a poorly-made bottle of average soap. But if you are going to be using it daily, you might as well use a reliable, intelligently-crafted dispenser for your hands. That is why we decided to make a dispenser known for its sturdy and reliable body. 

6. LED Indicator Light

We designed the automatic soap dispenser with an LED indicator light that assures you that it is working. Know exactly when it is sensing your hand, and let go of the fear of finicky dispensers.

The LED indicator light can help you feel a little more confident when washing your hands, and can cause your house guests to feel the same way.

Clean is Always In

Creating and maintaining a clean space is never out of style. When you think about your home, we hope it invokes feelings of warmth, comfort and even cleanliness. Maintaining cleanliness is much easier when you have the correct products to do so. 

This is why we designed an automatic soap dispenser with motion-sensing technology, touch-less contact, adjustable soap pouring levels, ability to hold all the soap you need with a sturdy body and LED indicator light. 

When you invest in a quality automatic soap dispenser, you will find that your home can be that comfortable, beautiful place you want it to be. 

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