Taking Inspiration From Arboreal Architecture In Modern Spaces

In a recent survey, about half of those interviewed expected to build over 60% of their ongoing or future projects as green buildings to be realized by the year 2021.The move towards green architecture is not surprising given the rising concern over sustainability and the clarion calls to reduce environmental pollution. This has led to the adoption of different building and design strategies that strive to combine aesthetics and functionality, the modern with the natural, and elegance and sustainability. With these changes, we’ve seen the increased use of solar panels to produce energy, as well as the gradual acceptance of building houses using sustainable or recycled materials to reduce pollution. While these means have gradually acquired the label of conventional, some architects are increasingly pushing the boundaries of green building: one of the products of these outliers is arboreal architecture.

Understanding Arboreal Architecture

Arboreal Architecture, or arbortecture as it is sometimes called, is the architectural practice of building using trees, literally. The word arboreal means ‘living in trees’ and this is essentially what arbortecture aims to make a possibility by creating a building from living structure. While this may seem the stuff of fairytales, it is actually quite possible, and there are structures across the world that are proof of this, as well as a number of projects that are trying to see the applicable extent of this particular field of work. The idea of what makes a home, as well as what a home is made up of, is changing gradually. This will have a direct effect on how we choose to furnish our homes, how we will secure them, and even how we’ll insure them with home warranty products specifically designed for these types of build. But the future is here, and the future is green, so the question is, how do you incorporate arbortecture into your living space?

Working With The Trees

While it may not be completely possible to transform your entire house into an arboreal structure, you should consider doing this for a small adjoining cabin, or even in your garage. Arboreal architecture has its beginnings in houses that are built around trees instead of removing the trees. If you have a new plot of land or are looking to build a small cabin in a forested area, consider incorporating trees as part of the architecture instead of clearing land for building. You may be surprised by the feeling that an entire tree gives to the living space. Consider some of the popular buildings that have done the same, such as the Casa Vogue by Alessandro Sartore and Between the Trees by Sebo-Lichy.

Building For The Trees

If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain will go to Mohammed. This seems to be the philosophy of modern arboreal architects who’ve decided to bring the trees to the buildings instead of taking the buildings to the trees. This design incorporates fully living trees in the building design. This can mean creating a mini forest up on the roof or on a balcony. The idea behind this is to make the green dream more accessible, especially in an urban area where space is an issue. You could consider this as an option as you design your home, a sort of building for trees if you are in an urban setup.

Going green is changing our approach to building, and arboreal architecture is one of the great ways it’s doing this. Check out some more inspiration online to get started with your ideas.

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