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    Mellow Acrylic Vases

    When designing their Mellow Collection of acrylic vases, Korea-based design studio HATTERN mixed blurred finishes with transparent ones, which lets the vases optically change depending on the light hitting them. The acrylic blocks are dyed inside with six primary colors – red,…

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    3D Printed Vases

    Combining 3D printing technology with upcycling, Milan-based designer Libero Rutilo created a series of vases that give PET bottles a second chance at life and are only made up of the external shell. That way, your half liter bottles can slip inside to…

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  • HomePhoto of Silver Vase

    Silver Vase

    Brand designer and global retailer Minimalux‘s focus on simple elegance is nowhere more apparent than with the super-quality Silver series. These exceptional vases are crafted from a fusion of hand blown Borosilicate glass and metalised with a thick layer of Sterling Silver, the surface…

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