• ArchitecturePhoto of Waterlovt Houseboat

    Waterlovt Houseboat

    Designed and engineered in Holland by experienced boat builders, the Waterlovt Houseboat has a clean, rectangular form that incorporates light woods, steel, and plenty of glass to take in the world around you. It can be equipped with options like a desalination…

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  • OtherPhoto of Window Solar Charger

    Window Solar Charger

    The Window Solar Charger by Samsonite is a compact and eco-friendly phone charger that’s perfectly suited for travelling or the outdoors. It charges almost any phone with the solar panels on it’s base, making use of natural sunlight when you’re far…

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  • OtherPhoto of Renew – Solar Battery Charger by Donn Koh Studio

    Renew – Solar Battery Charger by Donn Koh Studio

    Renew is a solar battery charger that eradicates the confusion between fully charged and depleted batteries by a smart and simple reconfiguration of the way batteries are loaded and stored within chargers.

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