• HomePhoto of One Crystal Chandelier

    One Crystal Chandelier

    Thomas Feichtner reduced his pendant lamp – the One Crystal Chandelier – to the bare essentials; the hanging light fixture was produced for renowned Austrian company, J & L. Lobmeyr, and features a cable running through a curved tube with an LED light fitted…

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  • OtherPhoto of Looking Glass

    Looking Glass

    Looking Glass is an appealingly unique new kind of art form. By utilizing the world’s first volumetric printing technique the team is able to print 2D sheets of ink to create the illusion of a fully realized suspended 3D image…

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  • OtherPhoto of TODO


    Ramon Todo collects various rocks and bricks while out walking, he then removes sections from each to be replaced by clean, polished glass. The rocks represent the history and culture of the land and the inclusion of the smooth glass…

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  • OtherPhoto of Geometric Sculptures

    Geometric Sculptures

    Russian artist Pavel Platonov excels at geometric surrealism. Turning real-world forms into angular, faceless sculptures that are at once mesmerizing and ever so unsettling he creates an eerie contrast between the perceived world and his unreal artworks. A haunting still-life fantasy…

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  • HomePhoto of Plum Stool

    Plum Stool

    Alvaro Uribe wanted the aerodynamic Plum Stool to mimic the efficient way forms grow and evolve in the natural world. The design philosophy is apparent in the way the carbon, feather-light seat combines structure and material into one flowing contour.…

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  • ArtPhoto of Paper Sculptures

    Paper Sculptures

    The intricate and delicate attention to detail present in Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown communicates an intense appreciation of nature, and a need to understand its beauty through creative expression. Rogan prepares by carefully scrutinizing a pattern he observes before…

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  • OtherPhoto of The Nelson Mandela Monument by Marco Cianfanelli

    The Nelson Mandela Monument by Marco Cianfanelli

    It's not everyday we get to boast something awesome on mmminimal from our own backyard.

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  • OtherPhoto of World Wildlife Fund’s Animal Sculptures by Scott Wilson

    World Wildlife Fund’s Animal Sculptures by Scott Wilson

    Being Africans we absolutely love animals. Scott Wilson represents our planets beautiful creatures in a way that is so elegant and minimal it makes your heart sing. I want all of these, and what a great and noble cause too.…

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  • OtherPhoto of Got an iPhone? Why not make it a MegaPhone?!

    Got an iPhone? Why not make it a MegaPhone?!

    The MegaPhone is a ceramic passive iPhone amplifier. It is as beautiful as it is functional. There is nothing left to say. I am listening to the great Louis Armstrong for the rest of the day. That is all. The…

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  • HomePhoto of JOIN ~ Cutlery with a playful joining mechanism

    JOIN ~ Cutlery with a playful joining mechanism

    We love people experimenting with everyday things we completely take for granted. The JOIN cutlery is sculptured art and practical at the same time.

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