• Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Superhot


    Superhot is a revolutionary first person shooter where time moves only when you do. It has an intuitive control scheme that features an innovative time system whereby dodging enemies bullets becomes a graceful dance and downing the shooters adds a…

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  • OtherPhoto of Coin


    Coin is a revolutionary all-in-one storage system for your cards. No longer will you have to carry around a packed wallet because with Coin you’ll be able to store, sync and manage multiple accounts in one place via a mobile…

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  • ArchitecturePhoto of Hyperloop


    Dissatisfied with the Californian government’s high-speed railway proposal, genius entrepreneur Elon Musk – founder of Tesla Motors and Paypal – put forth the revolutionary idea of the Hyperloop: a high-speed transportation concept utilizing a tube system that propels passenger capsules at close…

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