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    Self Sustaining Glass Planter

    Mygdal by Studio We Love Eames is a  self-sustaining ecosystem which mimics sunlight. It’s the perfect planter because plants can grow undisturbed for years without you having to water them and they can grow in places that get zero sunlight.

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    Design startup Groovebox Living has launched a product that’s not only flat-pack, it has multiple uses for modern outdoor living. Groovebox is the first flat-pack, multi-use product designed for urban outdoor living.  The design features a unique “Patent-Pending” assembly system that is simple,…

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    Vako Design designed a series of concrete and wooden planters with an interior space in mind. Named Concrescence, the planters are designed so that they can be arranged in a variety of ways. The planters are available in three sizes – 5″…

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  • HomePhoto of Pikaplant


    Pikaplant makes plant keeping ridiculously easy. Tableau system mimics nature so plants water themselves. Learn more about Pikaplant below and support their Kickstarter in the next 3 days – it’s so close to being fully funded!

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  • HomePhoto of Nomad Planter

    Nomad Planter

    A beautiful flat packed planter, made in NYC from reclaimed sails! Designers Miriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse, together Garden Apartment studio, created Nomad, an eco-friendly planter with us, urban gardeners, in mind. Available for purchase here!

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  • HomePhoto of Minimal Cube Planters by Score + Solder

    Minimal Cube Planters by Score + Solder

    You could probably never have enough plants in your home. Unless you lived in the jungle or a greenhouse I guess.

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