• HomePhoto of Air Bonsai

    Air Bonsai

    After the first hoverboard prototypes, everyone seems obsessed with the idea of defying gravity. The newest entry in this category is the Hoshinchu Air Bonsai – a floating miniature forest that spins suspended over a magnetic electrified pedestal! The Kickstarter project has already been fully funded with 27 days…

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  • HomePhoto of Pikaplant


    Pikaplant makes plant keeping ridiculously easy. Tableau system mimics nature so plants water themselves. Learn more about Pikaplant below and support their Kickstarter in the next 3 days – it’s so close to being fully funded!

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  • HomePhoto of Nomad Planter

    Nomad Planter

    A beautiful flat packed planter, made in NYC from reclaimed sails! Designers Miriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse, together Garden Apartment studio, created Nomad, an eco-friendly planter with us, urban gardeners, in mind. Available for purchase here!

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  • HomePhoto of Automatically Water Your Plants

    Automatically Water Your Plants

    Are you a negligent plant owner? How about a shelf which automatically waters your plants? To spare both plant lives and human hassle, Amsterdam-based startup Pikaplant has designed a shelf that automatically waters flowers, perennials, and ferns. Best thing: It’s electricity-free! All it…

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  • DesignPhoto of Book-Shaped Flower Pot

    Book-Shaped Flower Pot

    “The Life of Plants” is a clever way of blending a touch of nature into your bookshelf. The book-shaped flower pot was designed by YOY and can be lined with other books on your bookshelf or can be used as…

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  • OtherPhoto of One Pot, Two Lives ~ A Symbiotic Relationship At Its Finest

    One Pot, Two Lives ~ A Symbiotic Relationship At Its Finest

    How cool! A fish tank merged with a pot plant. While visually pleasing a lot of people would be quick to point out that the actuality of this is improbable but the premis is rather delightful.

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