• DesignPhoto of Lake Natron

    Lake Natron

    Nick Brandt‘s eerie collection of photographs showcases a still lake that would seem tranquil were it not for the petrified wildlife dotted across it. Lake Natron in Tanzania has a pH of 9 – 10.5 that petrifies the birds after…

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  • ArtPhoto of Porthole Photography

    Porthole Photography

    The Porthole collection of images by Honk Kong-based Luke Casey is a minimalist celebration of travel as seen through a small porthole. The glimpse of various landscapes feels transitory, as if you are an outsider, passing by quickly, only allowed a fleeting…

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  • ArtPhoto of Polaboy ~ The frame for a small piece of eternity

    Polaboy ~ The frame for a small piece of eternity

    Hot damn, who would have thought that oversized Polaroid pictures with a subtle illumination would turn out being so incredibly cool!

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