• BlogPhoto of Lexus Slide Hoverboard

    Lexus Slide Hoverboard

    Yoooo, is this for real? Did Lexus just go full-on Marty McFly and somehow figure out how to defy gravity in skateboard form? The luxury automaker unveiled a teaser video offering a very quick peek of the Slide, a hoverboard supposedly…

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  • HomePhoto of iLoveHandles Plank

    iLoveHandles Plank

    PLANK by iLoveHandles is perfectly designed to hold the essentials that you’re always in need of, yet inevitably find yourself looking for. Trimming the excess, it offers what’s needed to set your wallet, your smartphone, or sunglasses down on a readily…

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  • OtherPhoto of Urbio ~ Your Urban Vertical Garden

    Urbio ~ Your Urban Vertical Garden

    Urbio is a magnetic system that will help us transform any wall or ferrous surface into a beautiful vertical garden.

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  • OtherPhoto of Matarile ~ Wooden Magnetic Key Holder

    Matarile ~ Wooden Magnetic Key Holder

    Tomàs Bedós created this beautiful little wooden key holder with a strong magnet inside fooling the eye at first glance.

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