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    Cauldron Lights

    Designed by Young & Battaglia, the design duo behind British design brand Mineheart, the Cauldron lights aim to bring an urban tribal vibe to your space. Made of smooth black glass, the lights were inspired by traditional cooking pots you see used above open…

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  • HomePhoto of Silhouette Lamp

    Silhouette Lamp

    mmminimal reader M Parsons from Canada submitted this awesome conceptual design called the Silhouette Lamp. The name takes its cue from the form of a traditional light bulb, but that’s where all comparisons should end – its unique simplicity is anything but traditional. The…

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  • OtherPhoto of mmmelting LED Light Bulbs by Keita Ogawa

    mmmelting LED Light Bulbs by Keita Ogawa

    Industrial designer Keita Ogawa who seems to be invisible online (at the time of writing this article) apparently won a bronze award on The 22nd Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition for Students. These are too awesome, unfortunately they are not…

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