• HomePhoto of Mellow Acrylic Vases

    Mellow Acrylic Vases

    When designing their Mellow Collection of acrylic vases, Korea-based design studio HATTERN mixed blurred finishes with transparent ones, which lets the vases optically change depending on the light hitting them. The acrylic blocks are dyed inside with six primary colors – red,…

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  • DesignPhoto of One Korea

    One Korea

    Korea is the last remaining country in the world to have barbed-wire fence in between same ethnicity. Imaging a time in the future where Korea is reunited, three designers, Junghoon Lee, Dongkyu DK Lee & Deukgyu Lee, asked themselves what a visual branding…

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  • HomePhoto of Mini Humidifier

    Mini Humidifier

    When you’re on the road often, you’ve noticed how dry the air in airplane cabins and hotel rooms is. Not nice… Now you can improve the air quality it with this six-inch Bottle Humidifier designed by Korean design studio Cloudandco. The tiny…

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