Joey Roth

  • BlogPhoto of Steel Speaker by Joey Roth

    Steel Speaker by Joey Roth

    Nice one! Designer Joey Roth is back with a new audio solution, the Steel Speaker. Following the success of his ceramic speaker series, here’s a monolithic slab of metal and maple wood engineered to diffuse sound down and outward in all…

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  • HomePhoto of Blue Bottle Moka Pot

    Blue Bottle Moka Pot

    Finally, a stovetop coffee maker that effortlessly produces cups that are sweet and nuanced. This moka pot with minimalist design will looks striking in your kitchen. In collaboration with industrial designer Joey Roth, Blue Bottle created a moka pot that’s beautiful, easy to use, and produces…

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  • DesignPhoto of Joey Roth Posters

    Joey Roth Posters

    Joey Roth is back with another poster, this time he visualises the two states of being Well-Rounded and Obsessed. SThe poster comes in 11″x17″, with a 1/2″ margin for framing, letterpress printed on 32# Lettra stock. Also check out his…

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