• Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Wake


    Wake is an enterprise web, desktop and mobile platform that makes it super easy for designers to share work and collect feedback from their team. It was created by former Facebook product designer Chris Kalani and the Norwegian digital agency…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of How Facebook Should Be Designed

    How Facebook Should Be Designed

    Facebook’s design has been widely discussed among designers and users with plenty of criticism. Having reviewed some of the critiques, Rof Tentik decided to try giving it a facelift. What started as a fun side project eventually lead to the…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Facebook Redesign Concept

    Facebook Redesign Concept

    A rather refreshing Facebook redesign concept with white cards on a blue background to make the content much easier to digest in. The circular profile image gives a more savvy look. However, the “status update” bar is difficult to locate,…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Facebook UI Redesign

    Facebook UI Redesign

    Finding some details of the 2013 Facebook being visually challenging, Grégoire Vella set to redesign part of the things he disliked. Loving minimal interface, the redesign concept was designed to be simple and minimal. The concept was inspired by Google…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Facebook Timeline Concept

    Facebook Timeline Concept

    Vitality Silkin had a different view on how a Facebook timeline should be. His take on the timeline was to reduce distractions and provide a cleaner looking timeline. See the full Facebook Timeline Concept here

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of A Cleaner Facebook

    A Cleaner Facebook

    Possibly the first time a Facebook redesign has been welcomed in open arms by the majority of the world.

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of Facebook Design Concept

    Facebook Design Concept

    Reaching 20 Million online views and media coverage of 50 Million readers worldwide, the Facebook redesign concept went viral for a good reason. The project focused on a personalized experience for its user and heavily targeting behavior. Fred Nerby designed…

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