• HomePhoto of 33° Outlet

    33° Outlet

    The 33° Outlet bucks the trend of a power socket being inconvenient and irritating to plug into. The electrical outlet – created by a talented group of designers from Dankook University – has a wide entrance that’s angled upwards for easy access with…

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  • OtherPhoto of Blackout


    Carla Cava and Jordi Poblet of Den Studio created this ingenious product to combat the annoyance of being stranded in the dark following an electrical cut. Easy to use – and find! – in the dark, Blackout is a marvel…

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  • OtherPhoto of Plugbook by Dave Hakkens

    Plugbook by Dave Hakkens

    Dutch design student, Dave Hakkens, has created a multiple socket/extension cord that can neatly store away between your books.

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  • HomePhoto of Svintus – multi-snout power adapter

    Svintus – multi-snout power adapter

    Seventeen snout-plugs on this fun take on the modern day power adapter! Debatable if 'minimal' but we are big bacon fans and were pretty much sold on the spiral cord pig tail - smart, useful and the design works, so…

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