• HomePhoto of Home Décor

    Home Décor

    One of the best ways to lighten and reinvent the looks in your home is by doing some nice home décor. With most people staying indoors and working from home, a great home décor is important. From sofas to the…

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  • BlogPhoto of Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Design: Where Function Meets Fashion

    Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Design: Where Function Meets Fashion

    Although it has become cliché, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home and as such, the character of this one room sets the mood for the entire dwelling. Whether you are seeking to design an eco-friendly sustainable kitchen…

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  • HomePhoto of Balance Wine Holder

    Balance Wine Holder

    The Balance Wine Holder by Invotis performs the balancing act between functionality and style with aplomb. Its silver facade is sleek, simple, and without any unnecessary adornment beside the single hole to slot the wine bottle into.  

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  • OtherPhoto of Audio Pillar

    Audio Pillar

    The Audio Pillar by Stellé delivers crisp, clear sound and is an elegant accompaniment to a stylish, minimalist-centric decor. The Pillar pairs with any Bluetooth device and navigation is made easy thanks to an intuitive user interface. It also features speakerphone…

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  • HomePhoto of 2R Armchair

    2R Armchair

    Premium furniture manufacturers Sien Studios presented its latest quality work – the 2R Armchair – at the 52nd edition of Milan’s Furniture Fair. The armchair is crafted of white oak which is a symbol of strength and uniqueness in the Chilean culture and boasts an…

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