• Art


    Liam Brazier’s Super illustrations are a cubist celebration of our modern, mythic superheros. The measured approach to the design allows the figure in each portrait to take shape from intersecting angles and lines as well as be differentiated through differing tones of…

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  • Other

    Rainbow Pencils

    How awesome are these Rainbow Pencils? The bright colours are pretty much guaranteed to brighten up your day and even the pencil shavings will bring a smile to your face! British designer Duncan Shotton, currently based in Tokyo, Japan, wanted to…

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  • Architecture

    Appartement Spectral

    Paris based studio Betillon/Dorval Bory turned this small studio apartment into a stunning loft by incorporating artificial illumination – both monochromatic and colourful – into their design. By focusing on the contrast of different light and colour sources they were able…

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  • Art

    The Eclipse of Mars / Never Seen Before True Cyan

    Well what does this have to do with minimalism I hear you ask. Essentially it doesn’t but then again I’m actually only posting 1 colour (how minimal is that!), which most people have never seen, and its beautiful! The colour…

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  • Apps & Software

    Colour Clock: representing time as a hexadecimal value

    Brilliantly executed and easy on the eye, the Colour Clock is a great example of minimal code too. I just wish that it was my macs desktop (maybe with a calendar too?) Who knows, it could be on the horizon……

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