Coffee Table

  • HomePhoto of Origami Coffee Table

    Origami Coffee Table

    The team at Made by 68º wanted to explore the minimum amount of components necessary to craft a coffee table and asked themselves: how can we create a useful elevated surface, combined with storage, while creating something elegant? The end result…

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  • HomePhoto of Bookniture


    Here we have something unique — a book shape, transformed into an interior object. Bookniture can be used as a coffee table, nightstand, stool, footrest, and more. Folded, it fits neatly on a bookshelf, taking virtually no space at all.…

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  • HomePhoto of Greycork Wood Furniture

    Greycork Wood Furniture

    Greycork is reinventing online furniture shopping by offering high-quality, solid wood furniture made in the USA, through a smooth web buying experience that includes free shipping and free returns. Featuring a minimalist look and a unique design that sets up…

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  • HomePhoto of REK Coffee Table

    REK Coffee Table

    The REK is an extending coffee table by Reinier de Jong Design and is available in oak veneered, all-white and white with oak wood edges. Pictures and words don’t really do the REK coffee table justice, so have a look at the video to see how…

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  • HomePhoto of MK1 Metal Coffee Table

    MK1 Metal Coffee Table

    Duffy London is really good at giving everyday furniture essentials fun, design-savvy flair. This continues with their new series of folding tables. What may come off as an angular space-saving coffee table is actually also an expansive dining room table. In…

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  • HomePhoto of Gor


    Devoted to leisure and a centerpiece that cultivates conversation, Gor by Sara Armento of deZign Studio is a combined freestanding fireplace and coffee table that draws the attention of the room straight away. A wooden block with a fireplace at its center…

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  • HomePhoto of Pebble


    So simple yet super solid, Pebble is made from pure concrete.

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  • HomePhoto of Archipelago I & II

    Archipelago I & II

    The team over at Eagle Wolf Orca have created the most beautiful aesthetically pleasing tables I have ever seen. Words cannot describe the emotions the design of these tables invokes inside me. Absolutely extraordinary! The eternal affirmation of the spirit…

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  • HomePhoto of Tricubo ~ Oak Coffee Table by Autori Vari

    Tricubo ~ Oak Coffee Table by Autori Vari

    Autori Vari have created this beautiful unique-shaped coffee table

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  • OtherPhoto of Woodsman Axe Coffee Table

    Woodsman Axe Coffee Table

    In the spirit of Friday the 13th and especially for anyone with friggatriskaidekaphobia is an enchanting coffee table inspired by the Brothers Grimm. Available in either Walnut veneer or light Oak veneer with resin composite axe heads you could own…

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