Anton Repponen

  • OtherPhoto of Moon Watch

    Moon Watch

    The Moon Watch by graphic designer Anton Repponen is an original concept using the face of the moon as a design template. It also features an interesting difference: its hour and minute hands are inverted. Attached to the outer rim of the…

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  • OtherPhoto of Spiral Watch

    Spiral Watch

    New York-based interactive designer Anton Repponen conceived of the impressive Spiral Watch: an elegant time-piece with a minimalist face and a modernist twist. What makes the watch unique and authentic is the hour hand that gradually disappears as it makes its way towards…

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  • Apps & SoftwarePhoto of iOS ’86 ~ Retro Inspired Interface by Anton Repponen

    iOS ’86 ~ Retro Inspired Interface by Anton Repponen

    Anton's take on the iOS interface and more specifically the icons of the iPhone.

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