Stylish Security Options That Will Thwart Thieves

As a homeowner, it goes without saying that you want your personal castle to be as safe and secure as possible. At the same time, you don’t want to create some drab looking fortress that looks like more like a high-security prison than a lovely home.

Thankfully, you don’t have to channel your inner security guard to keep burglars at bay. You can find some stylish security décor that looks great while helping to protect your home.

Sleek, Indiscreet Security Camera Systems

When you think of a security camera system, you might imagine a bulky device that does the job, but doesn’t exactly look attractive. This is no longer the case. Lorex Technology offers a number of sleek, indiscreet and attractive home security camera systems in both wireless and wired options. And if you happen to capture a suspicious character on video, a motion event will be created for easy reference. This way, any footage that you want to follow up on and possibly show the local authorities will be easy to retrieve and safely saved.

A Motion Light That Looks All Right

If a creepy person is sneaking up onto your driveway late at night, a bright motion light that comes on suddenly can surely help scare him or her away. If you think that most motion lights are plain cylindrical devices in shiny black or white, check out the selection of stylish options at Lamps Plus. For example, the Deaver motion sensor outdoor wall light features an oil-rubbed bronze finish that is elegant; the light also features clear water glass. When the light detects motion, it will react right away, flooding the area with light. Lamps Plus also offers the Oberlin Mission-style motion sensor light that features a black finish over a steel frame, with a round clear seeded glass shade over the lightbulb.

Add an Attractive Security Door

Another stylish way to keep bad guys away from your home is with a security door. If this term brings to mind generic-looking steel doors with no color or style, you should know that a wide selection of attractive exterior security doors are easy to find. For example, the La Entrada steel security door is available in white or Navajo white; it features a perforated metal screen and a lovely floral and vine motif. The half-inch square tube pickets will help to prevent forced entry, so this door can deliver some serious security — but with its light color and pretty design it will complement the look of your home.

Drapes Will Prevent Prying Eyes From Looking Inside

If you are concerned about burglars peeking in your windows and spotting your new TV in the family room, you can prevent this from happening by investing in some new window coverings — and then keeping them closed when you are out. Kohls sells a wide selection of draperies in a rainbow of colors; for example, the Norway Theater Grade Blackout Window Curtains are highly stylish with their gunmetal finish grommets, and they come in a number of gorgeous shades.

A Stylish and Secure Home Is Quite Possible

It is good to know that you don’t need to shop at some military supply store to up your home’s security. With a combo of a modern looking security camera system, stylish motion lights, an attractive security door and some curtains that add a touch of color to any room while blocking the outside world from looking in, you will be thwarting thieves 24/7 while still enjoying a beautiful home, both inside and out.

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