Sports With a Great Social Aspect

Keeping healthy is about more than physical fitness; it’s also about general wellbeing, which includes how rich our social lives are. Though some people find they are happiest in their own company, for many of us that isn’t the case, and we need to make sure that we spend at least some time connecting with other people in order to remain healthy and happy.

But when everyone has such busy lives, how are we also supposed to fit in a healthy social life? Gone are the student days of being able to have a long afternoon coffee with roommates or spend every evening in the pub – and even if you do still work in a physical office, the meetings you’re in all day just don’t feel like they count as socialising.

One good way to fit socialising into your busy schedule is to combine it with your physical fitness; there are plenty of sports and fitness activities out there which come with a healthy side helping with social life. Whether it’s the kind of sport where you join a club, or putting yourself into a situation where it’s easy to make new connections, this can be a simple way to make sure you’re making choices which contribute to you looking after both your physical and emotional health. 

You can even get creative and go to a social class like yoga or something and meet for a coffee or brunch afterwards! You’ll need to enjoy some fuel after a good workout. I personally also really enjoy the accountability aspect of a social sport, so keep reading for some fun ideas that you can add into your life. 

  1. Joining classes at your gym

Maybe you already have a gym membership, and you already enjoy working out in your own mental bubble in the weights area or on the machines. However, to add a weekly dose of socialising into your routine you should sign up to a class such as Zumba or a spin class. You’ll meet new people and enjoy the feeling of a communal activity!

  1. Joining a tennis club

Though you won’t find one everywhere, there are plenty of places which boast a local tennis club. Whether you just want to sign up to a weekly class to practice your skills, or join as a member to enjoy benefits like social events, indulging in a bit of tennis can be a great way to find new people with whom you know you already share an interest – tennis! And if tennis would be a new pursuit for you, it’s fairly easy to rent a racket and buy yourself some tennis balls to get your new hobby started.

  1. Joining a running group

Running is often thought of as a solo activity, and many people do enjoy the opportunity to compete with themselves and to be alone with their thoughts. However, joining a running group is a great way to meet new friends in your area and to combine this simple sport with some social time.

Looking after our wellbeing is more important than ever when we’re busy – so any activity that provides both of two important things – physical fitness and social connection – can only be a winning combination.

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