Spine Vodka

If ever there was a drink that required real backbone to take down, vodka would be it. It’s the kind of spirit that changes the course of a night in a single shot; a good few of them can put hair on a man’s chest, and many can be the measure of a man in their buddies’ eyes. Talented designer Johannes Schulz puts it best: vodka is “a real drink for real men“.

With Spine Vodka, Schulz took the premise of a “drinking backbone” quite literally, designing this unique bottle featuring a beautiful amber spine and ribcage running up the interior-center of it. The contrast between transparent glass and opaque amber is seriously eye-catching and distinctive.


Spine Vodka is a private project I started after my graduation of an international communication design school in Hamburg, Germany. A real drink for real men. This project shouldn’t be another type of a “standard” classical Vodka. This project should more be an eye-catcher, something the people would talk about.


“Spine” is a high quality product just like the design, reduced and simple with a conscious “twist” in the message and a memorable name fitting to the project. I integrated the spine with the ribcage to communicate a product with a “backbone”, a beverage that lives up to its promise – to be an honest and strong drink.

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