Smart Makeup Mirror

Update: JUNO Mirror is now live on Kickstarter!

Who would have thought you need a smart makeup mirror… As a man I’m not the main target group of this new product, but reading through the features, I can see how the JUNO Mirror is solving a lot of problems.

First there’s the fact that you have 3 different light settings (sunlight, daylight, evening light) so you don’t have to huddle near a window to get a good look at your face when applying makeup. Believe me, I’ve heard complaints about bad light in the bathroom from my wife more than once. With the app, you can even save your favorite light settings for later recall.

If you’re not just putting on make up for yourself, but you belong to the growing list of beauty bloggers, you’d be pleased to know that the JUNO Mirror has a selfie/livestream light. No need for a professional lighting setup anymore!

Integrated magnification and a rechargeable battery for cordless use are two more things which makes this make up mirror a steal!

The JUNO Mirror is expected to retail for $79 – but with the November 14th Kickstarter launch quickly approaching, early backers can get the mirror with a pledge of only $39. Get notified about the upcoming launch by hopping on their email here:

juno-mirror-bedside juno-mirror-desk

Complement the mirror with a All-in-one Makeup Kit.

juno-mirror-selfie juno-mirror-true-light

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