Simple Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

For the past two years, work-from-home offices have been the trendiest upgrades for living spaces. Born of necessity, people purchased desks, chairs, and other items to increase the comforts of working remotely. Now, either people have completed these upgrades or they’ve started returning to their primary office. In some cases, both are true.

What about the room you might spend the most hours in? If you get the recommended amount of sleep, you spend more than seven hours every day in your bedroom. Sure, you’re not soaking in too much of the décor while your eyelids are closed. But doesn’t what you do around these hours make your bedroom the most important place to feel comfortable or inspired?

Some simple design ideas can help you relax easier, allowing you to fall asleep quicker and experience a better stage of sleep. As you wake up, your day will begin with the right tone if your surroundings are not distracting or agitating. With this in mind, let’s look at some simple design ideas that can elevate your bedroom.

Wood Bed Frame

A wood bed frame enhances your bedroom immediately. If you are still using an old metal frame that has been passed down for generations, a wood bed frame adds sophistication. If you are still sleeping with a bed directly on the box springs on the floor, it’s time to leave your college days behind and get your bed off the ground. A wood bed frame is solid and sturdy, not to mention it creates room to store things underneath your bed. To cap it off, a wood bed frame can complement the rest of your bedroom design because it comes in various finishes.

Area Rug

Adding an area rug achieves several things. First, it provides an anchor for all the room furniture to be staged around. You will want the rug to cover the majority of your bedroom’s floor, but it should not extend all the way to your dresser or walls. Find a rug that goes completely under the bed and covers two or three feet around the edge of it. You should also find a durable one since you will be walking on it frequently and probably won’t want to replace it often if you must move your bed. 


Before you make a purchase, consider how your windows affect your bedroom’s design already. Take note of how natural light enters the room and where it reaches throughout the day. If you use part of your bedroom for a home office, you might want to rearrange your entire layout to capitalize on this.

Rearranging can also prevent unwanted light from disrupting your sleep if your bed is in the wrong spot. If it is unavoidable for outside light to reach your bed’s location, you might consider blackout curtains to aid your nighttime sleep.

Once your furniture is properly arranged based on the natural flow of light, explore how window treatments can accentuate your bedroom. Curtains come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures. You can find something that fits the rest of the room’s color and design, or this may be the place where you choose a different color that provides a contrasting pop to the rest of the space.


If you don’t want to add a pop of color via your curtains, perhaps pillows fit your style better. These can have the same effect by giving a vibrant contrast to the surrounding materials. If you have a long-standing favorite pillow, you don’t have to use them to sleep. However, these pillows can offer an inspiring break to an otherwise monochromatic scheme.

Floating Furniture

This simple design idea is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It immediately provides a sleek, modern feel to your bedroom. At the same time, it creates added surface area to reduce clutter. You can set the height of your floating furniture to store something larger underneath it and still use its surface for a lamp or any other item you prefer.


Although guests do not as frequently see it as your living room and other spaces, your bedroom design should not be overlooked. It can provide much-needed comfort and relaxation to end your day peacefully and help start your day with a positive tone. These things can only be accomplished if you eliminate clutter and any irritating design features. Only you know what design and layout will maximize the serenity in your bedroom, but these simple ideas could be the inspiration you need.

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