Settle Into Your Backyard This Summer With Wicker Furniture

Daydreaming of long, hot days spent in the comfort of your backyard? Relaxed summer barbeques and maybe even a perfect outdoor nap? Daydream no more. Set your backyard up for a perfect summer with outdoor wicker furniture. 

Benefits Of Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is a popular choice for outdoor furniture that has been around for hundreds of years. Lightweight, durable and versatile, buying your wicker furniture online suits just about every outdoor space. Its open weave allows for cooling airflow and means it dries quickly if exposed to wet weather. As it is so lightweight, you can move your outdoor setting around your yard to enjoy your space to its fullest. You can place a chair under your favourite tree and read the warm afternoon away.

Aside from these more practical aspects, it’s beautiful. Wicker outdoor furniture adds class and style. Easily painted and styled with thick, inviting cushions it creates the perfect outdoor living space. Paired with wicker ottomans and side tables, you can create a truly comfortable outdoor zone. Enjoy hosting summer parties and spending as much time outside as you can. 

What To Look For In Wicker Furniture

When purchasing wicker or cane outdoor furniture you should follow this checklist to ensure a quality product.

  • Strong frame. Traditional wicker should have a solid frame made of wood. For synthetic wicker (often known as polyethylene rattan) the frame should be made from aluminium or stainless steel. 
  • The Weave. A loose weave will impair the longevity of your wicker furniture. This can create loose ends that become snapped and allow the weave to unwind. It can also create sag, making for an uncomfortable place to sit!
  • UV Stability. If purchasing polyethylene rattan, you must make sure it is UV stable. If you don’t, it will soon become brittle and break down in the sun. 
  • Cushioning. Without thick cushioning, wicker furniture is not so comfortable. You want foam that is covered with washable or UV stable fabric. It should also bounce back after use, with no lasting imprint. It’s recommended to always store your cushions inside or out of the weather when not in use. 

Affordable, Comfortable and Eco-Friendly

Wicker outdoor furniture is the perfect option for anyone shopping on a budget that still wants a quality product. Synthetic wicker is even more inexpensive than traditional wicker and ideal for moisture heavy environments such as pool areas.

Wicker, both natural and synthetic, does not absorb heat like metal and timber settings. This not only keeps you cool, but avoids contact burns during a scorching summer. 

As an added bonus, for anyone invested in a more sustainable option for their backyard, wicker is completely biodegradable. Traditional wicker furniture is made by weaving flexible natural materials such as reeds, willow branches, rattan and bamboo. These materials break down easily in soil or can be safely burned at the end of their long life. They also grow quickly and require minimal water or care. The ideal eco-conscious outdoor furniture choice. 

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