Sensel Morph

The Sensel Morph is an input device that allows people to interact with computers and programs in a whole new way. With its high dynamic range of force sensitivity, The Morph can detect not just your fingers but any object, from a paintbrush to a drumstick. The Morph works out of the box with many applications, and it’s also hackable for those more technically-inclined. You can connect it to your computer via USB, to your iPad via Bluetooth, or to your Arduino via developer cables.

You can use various Overlays – made of a thin, flexible layer that you can place over the device – to provide a visual “map” and tactile feedback for each mode’s unique functionality. Imagine having your art tablet, music production controller, QWERTY keyboard, piano, video game controller (and anything else your mind can fathom) all in one device. If you can imagine something so limitless without your brain imploding, you’ve imagined the Sensel Morph.

Here’s some cool people doing cool things with the Morph: Watch Josh Ellingson digitally paint with real brushes, Adriano Clemente, the director of Dubspot Labs, create an original track, Ray Kampmeier control a robot arm, and Joshua Davis create responsive art!

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