3 Tips to Improve the Visual Design of Screen Recording Videos

Design plays an important role when recording videos and it is normally the focus of the framing and composition of the video. However when it comes to screen recording videos it is a bit more tricky, and you won’t have the same type of control over the frame and composition that you have with conventional videos.

Despite the more limited control, there are still ways that you can improve the visual design of your screen recording videos – and the following tips should help with that:

Use contrast to set the mouse cursor apart

If you want the mouse cursor to be visible as is the case with most how-to guides that are captured using screen recording – you should use contrast to set it apart. Typically there are two types of contrast that you can use to do that: Size, or color.

While the conventional white cursor with black borders may be visible enough when you’re using a computer – in a video it can be difficult to notice it. By opting for a more visible color that contrasts with the rest of the video, you could make it easier for viewers to keep track of the cursor.

Similarly increasing the cursor size can help make it more visible, especially if the video is viewed on smaller screen sizes.

Remove unnecessary elements from the frame

As a rule it is best to adopt a minimalist approach to the visual design of screen recording videos, and keep the number of competing elements to a minimum. That will allow important elements to stand out more, and ensure there are fewer distractions.

In practical terms this means you should try to close any unnecessary apps and only keep windows open that you will need during the video. The taskbar area should be kept clear as well, and if you want you could close background processes that may interfere with the recording or cause pop-ups or noises while it is ongoing.

Carefully place overlays based on the video composition

Many screen recording videos include overlays of various kinds – including webcam video frames. Each overlay should be carefully placed depending on the video composition, to ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of the content and yet can stand out enough.

Using a grid in the style of the rule of thirds can help with the positioning. Typically webcam overlays are positioned in the lower left or lower right grid, close to the gridline (i.e. not the frame border). On the other hand branding logos are often positioned in the upper right grid.

The next time you use screen recording software such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio to capture a video, keep the tips listed above in mind. Although the avenues that you have to improve the visual design of your screen recording videos may be limited, the right improvements in the right areas can make a world of difference to the impact that your videos have on viewers.

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