Safety as an Investment: How to Calculate Roof Replacement Costs

Around the country, it costs approximately $8,202 to install a new roof. While this is true, most people will spend between $5,399 and $11,055. There are some areas, such as Denver, where the cost for roof replacement is much higher, with the average being around $9,000, while some are lower, such as Austin, averaging around $7,000. The cost breakdown is that the final price paid results in approximately 40% for materials and 60% in labor.

The Importance of the Roof

Today, the roof performs an essential function. It is smart to maintain the investment, which will help homeowners put off having to invest in replacing your roof. While paying from $5,000 up to $10,000 or more to have a roof replaced may seem high, there is a good reason for this. There is quite a bit of time, effort, and equipment required in this project.

Costs for Reroofing a House

The cost for reroofing a house is, on average $8,202. Usually, this project involves taking off the current shingles, making the needed spot repairs to the underlying layer, and then installing new shingles. The cost of this process varies based on several factors, which include layers, products and supplies, installation method, pitch, size, features in the roof, and code requirements. When someone is seeking an estimate for this project, it is important to note that roofers are going to provide a quote on a “per square” basis. For this type of project, 100 square feet is a single roofing square.

Roofing Labor Cost Considerations

The labor provided during a roofing project will range from $150 up to $300 per square. This means between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot. The actual cost is dependent on factors such as the product being installed and the structure’s condition. Overhead and labor, as mentioned above, will make up around 60% of the total cost of the project. For example, if the final cost for a roofing project is $7,500, then about $4,500 will be paid for overhead and labor.

As mentioned above, 100 square feet is the size of a roofing square. The per square rate will contain several relevant factors, which include supplies, shingles costs, labor, waste removal, and any type of protective elements in place.

Tear Off and Roof Replacement Cost

To remove an old roof, professionals will charge from $1 to $5 for each square foot. On average, a person can expect to pay between $1,000 and $1,500. Also, if there are any rotting timbers or if new supports are required for some type of heavier roofing material, the cost can be increased by $1,000 up to $10K based on the type of reinforcement and repair needed.

There are many professionals that will factor the cost of roof removal into the entire project cost. The rate also fluctuates based on the workload, complexity of the job, location, and material. The process of removing the existing shingles is the hardest and most time-consuming, regardless of if a professional is handling the job.

When it comes to the costs for a new roof, there are many factors to consider. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to know what the project will cost. This also helps when setting a budget for the work that needs to be done. Keep in mind, the actual cost someone pays for a new roof is dependent on the contractor hired, work required, size of the roof, materials used, and underlying structure. Getting quotes for the work is recommended to know what to expect. 

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