Replacing Windows in an Old House: Everything You Should Know

The window replacement process is often taken for granted because of how low effort it takes. But, your Eco Choice Windows & Doors have a lot to do with how functional your home design is. It should not be a surprise that by replacing your old windows with new and updated options, you can not only make it more energy-efficient but you will also be able to save a ton of money. Your windows tend to lose their efficiency over time, and if your house is extremely old, the windows might not be operable or functional, so replacing them will only make sense.

Sometimes, even in old houses, the windows may not show any signs of damage, but that is not  enough to justify its efficiency. Over the years, moisture, humidity, wind may wear out the window material and it could begin to rot. The hardware of the windows could be rusty which can make them inoperable.

If you are replacing windows in an old home it will certainly take more care and attention because you will be dealing with an extent of moisture damage. To carry out your window replacement process efficiently here we have presented a guide that can help you with your process. 

Improve the Longevity of Your Home by Repairing the Old Windows

Most of the old houses are built from a higher grade material which is probably the reason why they still exist. The lack of maintenance and care could develop leaks and drafts in these windows. But luckily, the higher quality material in these windows makes them a great candidate for repairs. 

Providing proper maintenance and care to your can help them last longer and you will be able to preserve their ancient beauty and craftsmanship. 

Transform Your Existing Windows Into Storm Windows

Storm windows are not a particular type of windows as believed by a majority of people, but they are added and installed on top of existing windows. The main purpose of these storm windows are to improve the energy efficiency of your homes. They are also known to provide protection to your old windows so that they can last longer. They are also helpful in sealing the drafts of the windows and serving as an extra barrier to improve the protection of the interior of your home.

The interior storm windows are known for minimizing the transfer of heat to and from your home, resulting in reducing the cooling cost by more than 30%. 

With today’s new options you can get them in operable designs to have more control over the light and air in your house. Apart from this, they can also help you minimize noise. 

Retrofit Your Existing Windows

Retrofitting your old windows might be your best chance to preserve your historic windows. It involves installing new windows to your old window frames. In some cases, you can also choose to replace the glass of your old windows.  

However, the retrofitting process depends on the condition of your windows. It can only be done if they are in a good enough condition to fit for retrofit windows. They are customized to fit the existing frame of your windows. This option costs you less than replacing the whole unit so it also facilitates cost-effectiveness. 

Replace Windows In Your Old Homes with Custom-Made Windows

The windows in your old homes are probably bigger or smaller than the standard windows in today’s time. This means that they can not be replaced with the stock windows or else you can end with a huge gap and naturally gaps in windows are a no-go. 

On the other hand, knocking down the wall to replace the whole unit is also not an option if you want to preserve the history of your old home. In a dilemma like this, customized windows come to the rescue as they offer the perfect choice to enjoy your old windows with the efficiency of new ones. 

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