Knowing When and How To Repaint Stucco

Besides being absolutely beautiful, a stucco exterior has many advantages including low maintenance. However, when the time comes to repaint it, there is a lot involved for a perfect finish. Although a good warranted paint job should last at least seven years, that can go pretty quickly and then you find yourself faced with the daunting task of repainting your exterior. Understanding how to go about the process and what the best exterior paint for stucco is will help you decide if you want to take this on yourself, or hire professionals.

Examine Your Stucco

Over time, wear and tear from sun damage, storms, and life in general, take a toll on your exterior. You will know it’s time to repaint when you see

  • Faded Areas
  • Exterior Fractures
  • Tiny Chips
  • Stained Areas

Learn About the Extensive Painting Process

First, as with anything that is done correctly, you must properly prepare the surface you are painting. To do this, make sure it is completely cleaned of dirt, moss, and anything that can be easily removed with a strong power washer. After your home is sufficiently cleaned, it’s time to seal any fractures you can find. Sealing the cracks will enhance the look of the finished product and make the effect last longer. For this process, it’s best to use a textured caulk such as elastomeric caulk. After you mask off all of the windows and take off all of the lighting fixtures, the final part of the prepping process is to prime your home. Use a primer to create a perfect, completed look that is beautiful and flawless.

Decide On Your Paint

Because stucco has a personality all its own, it requires a paint that matches all of its needs. It’s important not to use high gloss paint on your stucco home. The result won’t be the right look for the stucco texture. Use a flat paint or one with a low-sheen. Acrylic and latex are the types of paint you want to find in your favorite color. Look for a paint that has a lot of binders in it so it will bond to your home’s surface effectively. Once you find the best exterior paint for stucco, you can begin the final process of painting your home. The best system for painting any home is to do the trim work and around the windows first with a brush. After that is completed, the next step is to paint the whole home using a roller. Yes, a roller. This gives it the best look and helps the paint bind more effectively to the surface. Finally, when you apply the second coat of paint, you can either use a sprayer or accomplish this coat with a roller also.

Now that you are at least somewhat familiar with the painting process and the best products for your stucco home, you can make informed decisions. One of those decisions most definitely is whether you want to do this yourself or hire professionals who know all the tricks, techniques, and have all the right tools.

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