Rekeying a Weiser Lock – What Do I Need to Know?

As reliable as they are commonplace, Weiser’s a great option for homes and businesses looking for dependable protection. Despite this, rekeying can be a little unintuitive for individuals and professionals alike and – if replacing the entirety of the lock is not an option – having a walkthrough for the process can be extremely helpful.

So, here’s a short guide covering how to rekey a Weiser lock using their innovative Smartkey system for yourself or a client.

Starting with –

Step 1:

First of all, pick up an official Weiser Smartkey tool. This is specifically designed for Weiser systems and will allow you to carry out rekeying actions with ease. The process will require the door lock is installed and the door containing the lock is securely shut. If the lock is not Smartkey compatible, it will have to be removed from the door and be manually rekeyed by a professional.

In order to check if your device is compliant, take some time to see if there is a small hole next to your keyhole. This is designed to allow a Smartkey to access your lock. If you are unsure, contact a professional locksmith for additional guidance.

Remember, if you are unsure about any step in the process do not hesitate to contact a seasoned locksmith or trusted provider. Home security is an essential part of our lives and, at the end of the busy day, it is of paramount importance to be able to rest safe and secure in your own property.

Step 2:

If your lock is compliant, insert your old key into the lock and make a quarter-turn clockwise. This should have the head of the key facing right and the bottom or ‘teeth’ of the key facing left.

Step 3:

Once the key is in position, take your smart key and insert it into the hole you identified earlier. After it has been inserted, apply brief but firm pressure to the Smartkey to activate the system and gently remove the Smartkey while leaving the original key in place.

Step 4:

Once the Smartkey has been removed successful, take the old key from the door without turning the lock. If the Smartkey system has been engaged correctly, the key will exit the lock without any trouble and the keyhole will remain angled in a position that matches the original fit of the head – the head of the lock pointing right and the bottom of the lock pointing left.

If successful, the lock has been reset and is ready to receive your new key of choice.

Step 5:

Take the new key and carefully insert it into your lock. Once engaged, turn the key a quarter-turn counter clockwise to set the system. This will adjust the tumblers to match your new key and that key only.

Now you can test your new key out and safely dispose of your old key – guaranteeing your safety again.

If you have other doors in your house that use the same key, remember to reset them using the same approach. Or, if they are not Smartkey compliant, contact a professional locksmith to change your locks or upgrade them to similar Weiser models.

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