Reinventing the Rice Cooker

Youmeus Design has been asked by the Joseph Joseph to extend their brand into microwave cookware. They decided to research on the whole process on rice making and came up with a simple, striking design. I love it!

We spent a lot of time talking to customers and took a deep dive into the world of microwave cooking. Our research identified that while 80 percent of households own a microwave, they are rarely used for anything beyond reheating leftovers, cooking ready-made meals and defrosting.  Our aim was to try and change that perception with a product range that would go further and allow people to prepare meals or cook a wider range of food types using their microwave. We researched the whole process of rice making, which led to several new ideas and innovations for this rice and grain cooker, including the multi-purpose rice paddle that doubles up as both a lock for the lid and a carry handle.

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