The Best Ways To Reinvent Your Home

Is your home in need of a revamp? Have you lived in it for many years and now an internal overhaul is long overdue? Or maybe it leaves you feeling tired and drab, and so you are considering moving? It could be that you are recent homeowners and have taken on a project but are in danger of getting lost in the mass of things that need doing. Before making any drastic decisions follow these steps to reinvent your home. From updating the lighting to re-doing the flooring, undertaking building renovation to merely adding some color, there are numerous ways to suit any budget that will make your home feel new, fresh and exciting again.


If you are bored with your current home or need more space, one approach is to renovate. Renovating can also add valuable money to the worth of your house when you decide to sell. Extending your house by adding a basement or an attic room, for example, or extending outwards with a kitchen/conservatory renovation, can give you more floor space and increase living options. Regarding looking at adding value on to your home, adding an extra bedroom or renovating your kitchen is a suitable method to increase the value of your house, as potential buyers will often rate a home that works around the kitchen space.

Look at your lighting

If your home feels dark and dreary then an easy, quick fix is to address the lighting. Lighting can change the mood of a room instantly, transforming a cold working environment into a cozy, romantic space with simply one switch. You can illuminate the whole room or use lamps or directional lighting to highlight specific areas, such as the seating area, dining table, or a wall painting. Try adding floor or wall lamps in the living room to create a cozy atmosphere. If you have a large foyer or dining room, a statement chandelier can build a strong focus as well as giving off lots of light in the space. However, be wary of installing a large light fitting such as a chandelier in a smaller room or one with a low ceiling, as this can also have the opposite effect and make space appear cramped. Get more natural light in wherever possible as this can help to open up a room, leaving it feeling airy and spacious. If you can, look into installing skylights as these are a fantastic way of creating the illusion of more space. If your windows are not letting in enough natural light make sure to trim any external trees or bushes that are blocking the light unless of course, you are using them as a way to keep your home cooler in the summer months.


Never underestimate the impact accessories can make space. For those on a limited budget, brighten up your home with some well- placed decorations such as a soft throw, bold wall art, and bright rugs. Add personality to your home by following your heart when it comes to the interior design. If bright, bold colors cheer you up, then invest in a big rug as a central feature or buy some colorful cushions to tie your look together. Or perhaps you like a vintage look or shabby chic style, in which case browse antique markets or online stores and pick key pieces that will make a difference.

Update your flooring

Updating your flooring can have a significant impact on the feel of your home. Going from old, worn carpet to shiny new hardwood floors, or scuffed lino tiles to thick, luxurious carpet can act as an internal facelift for your house. Perhaps you want to give your kitchen a new feel while making sure it is easy to clean up after any spillages? If so then ceramic tiles could allow you the opportunity to go wild with pattern or color, or for a cheaper alternative vinyl flooring can give you a similar look in a hardwearing material. Check out Carpet Stores Near Me for the latest ideas from tile and stone to soft carpeting and hardwood floorboards.

Be playful

Perhaps you would like more creative ideas to reinvent your home? If you have kids, you might want to integrate more play options throughout the house, and concepts such as adding a slide onto a spiral staircase is a real guaranteed winner with the kids, both big and small. Similarly, installing hammocks, reading nooks and play zones throughout your home can give the little ones an appealing space in which to play or relax in each room. If you have a playroom why not paint a mural on one of the walls, or paint a section in blackboard paint and leave a pot of chalk pens nearby, encouraging your children to add their artworks to the wall for a truly personal look.

Go green

Install a living wall to add vibrancy and greenery to your home. Not only does a living wall give you the joy of a whole wall of plants, but it will also help purify the air in your house and can even help increase your concentration and focus. If you are not known for your gardening knowledge then going for an easy to care for the plant, like a spider plant, which only requires watering two to three times a week is an excellent first step. You could even plant herbs on your green living wall, giving you a lovely aroma and easy access to fresh herbs when cooking.

Add some color

A quick way to reinvent your home is with a pot of paint and some rollers. Painting the outside of your house can make it stand out and immediately give your home curb appeal. Colors also critical to interior design and can affect both the feel of the room and your mood, so take your time and assess which colors compliment your rooms. You may want to create a feature wall through painting one wall one color or wallpapering it with a bold pattern and leaving the adjoining walls in more muted or neutral tones. Whatever you opt for, go for a theme that will be calming and make you feel happy.

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