Reasons to Apply Mediterranean Style in the Interior

Mediterranean style in the interior is the romantic aesthetic of warm European countries: it includes a palette of earthy and marine tones, natural materials, and bright uncomplicated decor.

If you want to fill your home with the Spanish sun, Italian passion, Greece freshness, Moroccan spices and herbs, and the luxury of Monaco, make your renovation in a Mediterranean style.

Distinctive features

  • Mediterranean style is a rich palette of warm earthy tones. It’s better to whitewash the walls and make the floor in warm beige shades, imitating the sands of the coast. Choose the floor, furniture, and fabrics in blue, lavender, azure sea tints, plant shades. If these tints are not suitable, go for terracotta, olive, mustard, and yellow. 
  • The Mediterranean style interior design allows using ceramic floors that can be complemented with a soft rug. It’s also possible to cover it with a wooden laminate imitation or bleached wood planks.
  • Curtains should be made of light, airy fabric. It’s forbidden to use curtains with lambrequins, tassels, and draperies. Lace textiles are also in demand, allowing intricate patterns of shadow and light to pass through the windows.

If you want to decorate the window, choose shutters. They look perfect both in a house and an apartment renovated in the Medditerrian style.

  • The ceiling should be of white, matte sandy, milky shades to visually expand the space. Some enthusiasts can even decorate the ceilings with massive wooden beams.
  • The essence of the Mediterranean style lies in the fact that even the most expensive renovation can be like a modest fishing shack. This is because this style involves the use of ropes. They can be used to braid railings, mirrors, or flower pots.
  • The design of an apartment in a Mediterranean style is impossible to imagine without attractive mosaic elements This will require fine or chipped ceramic tiles or a set of mirrors. You can use them anywhere in your apartment or house. For example, when decorating a backsplash in the kitchen.
  • Greenery in the interior is a must! Usually, houses in Italy, Spain, or Greece are surrounded by a lush garden. So when doing renovation add some citrus trees in pots as a final touch. This is good for health and aesthetically beautiful but also helps to be carried away in thought to the warm days on the sea coast.

Reasons to choose a Mediterranean style in the interior

  1. Simplicity and conciseness
  2. Natural materials
  3. Lack of clutter
  4. A mix of calming and vibrant colors that make you dream and achieve

Wrapping up 

In pursuit of asceticism, try to harmoniously combine different directions: Italian, Spain, Greek, Moroccan. And most importantly, remember: Mediterranean-style renovation doesn’t tolerate “overs” and luxury. The hallmark of this style is its unpretentious beauty, functionality, and laconicism.

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