Real Estate Investor Winston Deloney Shares The Best Places To Invest In Real Estate

As a result of the pandemic-induced aftermaths of people moving from urban areas to the suburbs, the rise in house prices in many parts of the nation seems to have greater staying power. Currently, there are so many places to choose from when deciding on where to invest in real estate. Winston Deloney, a real estate expert, shared with us the best places to invest real estate in.

Winston Deloney, what is the current state of the real estate industry?

With yearly price growth hitting historical highs and inventory continuing to shrink, the US housing market continues to boom. So if you are shopping for a new property, you should anticipate a bidding battle since it is a seller’s market. 

Demand for houses is soaring in many parts of the nation, and the price of homes is growing at a faster pace than inflation. Unfortunately, that has rendered many properties expensive for their prospective purchasers.

From your expertise, what makes Las Vegas one of the hottest places for real estate?

The population of Las Vegas is soaring at a rate that has never been seen before. Since it’s the start of Las Vegas becoming an ideal tourist destination, the city’s economy has shifted to include the healthcare, high-tech, and commercial property sectors.

In addition, for people and businesses, there is no state tax. All these are making properties in Las Vegas very attractive.

Dallas, Texas, appears to have one of the lowest homeownership rates in the country. So is this place an excellent place for investing in real estate?

One of the advantages of Dallas’ broad economy is that it provides employment opportunities for individuals of various socioeconomic levels. As a result, the demand for rental properties has surged dramatically in recent years. 

For those interested in exploring the Florida real estate market, where do you suggest they focus?

Orlando is a good place if you want to break into the Florida real estate market. The city’s popularity as a tourist and entertainment hotspot ensures that real estate in the area remains a great investment. Property owners may decide whether to sell to long-term residents or tourists with their purchases.

Both have the potential to be lucrative investments. This growth is a direct result of the city’s increasing population and employment prospects, which means more rental money and tourists, which in turn boosts the city’s economy.

Real estate experts believe Charlotte is a beacon for the young and upwardly mobile. Is this true?

Because it is the nation’s second-biggest financial hub and one of the main generators of financial services, Charlotte is the top city in the country for recruiting Millennials. Furthermore, investors can rely on Charlotte’s financial institutions because of the city’s significance.

Lastly, what other place can always explore?

I believe every prospective investor should check out Boise, Idaho. Real estate investing is Bosie’s top priority. For several years, it has been one of the top long-term investments in American real estate.

In addition, Boise’s housing market continues to rise as a result of supply and demand forces.

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