QLOCKTWO Minimal Clock

This is QLOCKTWO, the fourth dimension squared. A clock that tells time in words. It has a quadratic matrix of letters, where some of the letters are illuminated. The time is displayed as text in five minute intervals. If you need to have a more exact time, look in the corner at the illuminated dots.

QLOCKTWO Black Ice Tea
English "Black Ice Tea"

QLOCKTWO has a brightness sensor; with its help the illuminating power of the letters is automatically adjusted.

Time in timeless design.
No hands. No digits.

QLOCKTWO Cherry Cake
Spanish "Cherry Cake"
Italian Lime Juice
Italian" Lime Juice"

Colors and Languages

All colours are each available in german, english, french, italian, dutch, russian, danish, swedish, arabic, swiss german and spanish.



  • Synthetic glass front with polished edges, different colours available
  • Body: wood, four layers of lack
  • Precision quartz clock, easy manual time setting
  • Light sensor for automatic adjustment to ambient light
  • Including wall brackets for mounting
  • Including solid acrylic glass holders for stand version
  • Dimensions 450×450×20 mm / 17.72×17.72×0.79inch, weight approx. 4kg / 8.82lbs
  • Electricity supply 110V-220V, low energy consumption due to LED technology (less than 2 watts)
  • Handmade in Germany by Biegert & Funk Product GmbH & Co. KG

Watch the production video

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