Pros and Cons of Different Fence Materials 

Adding a fence to your property is a wise investment in your home’s value. A fence provides a myriad of benefits such as safety, security, and sometimes privacy. If you’re considering getting a fence, the biggest decision to make is what type of fence you want. There are a variety of fence materials available that all offer their own unique pros and cons. Here’s a comparison between the most common fence materials. 


One of the most common fence materials, wood has a lot of pros. For one, it is affordable when compared to other fence materials like vinyl and ornamental steel. Wood is one of the most customizable materials. It can be stained or painted any color and it can be shaped and carved for a unique style. 

The cons however, are that wood is prone to splitting and warping from the effects of weather. It is also susceptible to damage from wood bees that can be difficult to deter. Although wood may be more easily damaged than other fence materials, it is easy to replace single boards as they need repair. 


Another common choice for fences, vinyl also has its benefits. It never has to be painted or stained, it holds up well in all types of weather, and it is customizable with a variety of style features to give your fence a unique look. 

The biggest disadvantage of vinyl is that it comes at a cost. Vinyl is one of the most expensive fence materials, but for good reason. It lasts a long time with virtually no maintenance required. 

Chain Link

Easily the most affordable fence material, chain link has many other advantages as well. It is virtually maintenance free and very durable. It is not susceptible to weather damage or pests. 

The disadvantages of chain link fencing is that it is not highly attractive and it offers very little privacy without the addition of some type of screen or shrubbery. 

Ornamental Metal 

Wrought iron, steel, and aluminum are all types of ornamental metal fences. Metal fencing is very low maintenance and durable. It also provides a sophisticated look for your property. 

On the downside, Iron and steel are both susceptible to rust and need to be seal coated and resealed periodically to prevent rusting. Aluminum won’t rust at all, but it is not as strong as iron and steel and will bend or dent easily. Ornamental fencing is also not designed to provide any privacy. 

Anderson Fence Provides All Major Fence Materials 

Whether you want vinyl, wood, or some form of metal, Anderson fence has what you need. If you’re not sure which material to choose, we can discuss the options with you to determine what type of fencing would best suit your needs. Tell us your biggest priority in a fence, whether its affordability, durability, low maintenance, aesthetics, or anything else and we’ll recommend the best fence material for you. 

Call 800-722-0929 or contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to providing you with a quality fence you’ll love. 

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