Prefab – The Factory Built Home

Are you considering purchasing a prefab home? Don’t let the term prefab home fool you as being a compromise. Today’s prefabricated homes (also known as building systems) are extremely economical and surprisingly durable. You’re able to customize your home and build a complete energy efficient unit.

The cost of prefab homes can vary based on location, amenities and size but they are typically more affordable than conventionally built homes. You can expect to pay from $190 to $230 per square foot and these prices often include interior fixtures and amenities.

Prefab homes are the way of the future as it seems more people are buying into them or designing the homes themselves. Do you want to try building your own prefab home? Take a look at the different types you can purchase or build yourself.

Types of Prefabricated Homes

Modular Homes

Sections (called modules) of a house or building are built in a factory according to state codes and regulations. The modules are then delivered to the location and added onto a structure.

Each module section comes with fixtures, doors, windows, plumbing and electrical work so there’s virtually no finishing labor that needs to be done once the module is added onto the structure. The build time for modular homes is approximately three to four months.

Panelized Homes

The panelized home is built in panels such as entire walls or fixtures. These panels are transported to the building location to be constructed either inside or outside of a structure. Panelized homes need more finishing work than modular homes as they don’t have all the fixtures modular homes have.

The factory build time for the panels is about six to 12 weeks. Note that the onsite construction takes a bit longer because of the finishing work such as painting, plumbing, floor installations and fixtures as it’s not done in-factory. The finishing work can take an additional month to complete.

Pre-Cut Homes

Pre-cut homes are known as “kit homes” as they come in domes or log cabin kits. The homes are cut in sections in a factory according to the specs of the design. The sections get delivered to a construction location as a kit to be built on site.

The precut home is meant for DIY home buyers that prefer to build their homes themselves. The manufacturer supplies the DIY home buyer with instructions and the materials needed to complete the building process. You as a new homeowner can then enjoy making memories while building it yourself.

Final Thoughts – Become a DIY Home Builder

The size and aesthetics of prefab homes differ according to their type but there are no limitations to what you can do with these innovative constructions. One of the advantages of prefab homes is they’re fully customized to your preference.

You can build mega constructions in a matter of months whereas large buildings usually take years to complete. You can even continue building onto your home provided it’s approved by state building codes.

Take your chances on either buying or building a prefab home. Pick your ideal location and start building. You could have a home in a beautiful location in a matter of months. 

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